Xiaomi Enchen Blackstone 3D Electric Shaver



  • 3D Floating Cutter Head
  • Endurance For 2 Months
  • Intelligent Anti-Pinch
  • Charging for 1 Hour, Using 2 Months
  • Ultra-thin Double Ring Cutter


Xiaomi Enchen Blackstone 3D Electric Shaver

Brand Name: Xiaomi
Power Type: Rechargeable/Electric Both Work
Gender: Male
Feature: Triple Blade
With trimming device: Yes
Material: ABS+Metal
Charging Time: 1h
Usage Time: 85Mins
Washing Mode: Do not wash
Time to market: 2018
Item Type: Electric Shaver
Voltage: Global Universal(100-240V)
Model Number: BlackStone
Use: Face
Size: cm

Xiaomi Enchen Blackstone 3D Electric Shaver 1

3D Independent Floating Cutter Head

Comfortable Veneer, Smooth Shaving Without Dead Ends BlackStone provides three sets of independent floating blades, which increase the shaving area by 1/3 compared with ordinary double blade razors. The blades are smooth to the touch and elastically veneer. , Chin, two chin, etc., quickly glance through once, without shaving repeatedly.

Xiaomi ENCHEN Blackstone Electric Shaver 2Xiaomi ENCHEN Blackstone Electric Shaver 3

5W High Power Shave Well, Motivation Is Important

The greater the power of the shaver, the stronger the power. The power is the hard power of a shaver product. The smartly designed ESM intelligent shaving system maximizes the energy efficiency. It is equipped with 5W high power, which is fast, harsh and accurate. 67db low noise control (much lower than IEC international standard 75db), giving users a comfortable shaving experience.

Intelligent Anti-Pinch

The intelligent anti-pinching function is part of the ESM system. When the battery is low, the shaver can keep the cutter head speed constant, avoiding the embarrassment of low-speed pinching.

Xiaomi ENCHEN Blackstone Electric Shaver 4

Charge 1 Hour Use for 2 Months

BlackStone can be fully charged in just 1 hour, and can last for 90 minutes. Based on an average of 1.5 minutes per shave, it can be used daily for up to 2 months. BlackStone also supports plug and play. When the power is exhausted, it can work immediately after plugging in the power and continue to trim the beard. ● 1 Hour Fast Charge ● Continuous Endurance

Xiaomi ENCHEN Blackstone Electric Shaver 6

Removable Cutter Head
1. One-Button Pop-Up Cutter Head 2. Unplug Cutter Head 3. Plug In The Fuselage


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