Xiaomi Enchen Blackhead Remover EB1001


  • Material: ABS LCD+Integrated circuit
  • Rated Voltage:3V
  • Rated Power:2.5W
  • Color: White
  • Gear:3-gear adjustment
  • Battery: 2*AAA
  • Suggested Usage:2~3 per week
  • Suggested Using Time:2 mins
  • Package Include:1*blackhead remover and 3*heads

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Xiaomi Enchen Blackhead Remover EB1001

  • Power supply: 2 No. 7 batteries
  • Recommended usage: 2-3 times / week
  • Recommended length: 2 minutes each use, place the unit on the area for not more than 3 seconds
  • Product standard: 1x unit & 3x suction heads→ Design:
  • Comfortable button design, stronger sense of keys;
  • Low power consumption battery version, convenient and fast;
  • Three gears, adjust according to your own needs
  • LCD screen, can clearly see the power and gear
  • Three sunction head types to be compatible with different skin needs/types;
  • Clean pores dirt, safety does not hurt the skin;
  • Refined light lines, lifting and tightening the skin;
  • Reduce acne and improve skin


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